Friday, November 21, 2008


The mastectomy went as planned but during the surgery the doctor found cancerous cells in the first lymph node. Because of this he had to remove all of them in my left armpit. I am supposed to hear back about the in-depth analysis of all the nodes on my check up appointment in two weeks. thats all for now, Im feeling ok, just really sleepy.


Anonymous said...

happy to hear it was a success (even though they had to take the lymphs) and you're resting at home. i hope adam is making you watch dumb cat videos. love love love.

Randy & Pam Warner said...

It was very great to see your wonderful smiling face last evening when you and Adam & I chatted.

It was also nice to meet your mom and talk for a few minutes.

So glad this part is over---

Pam and Randy

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