Friday, March 13, 2009

Blessing and a Latte

Just a few little things I thought I would share-

1) The other day on one of my big outings to Sarnia (yippee), my mother and I stopped in to Starbucks to grab a latte. I wouldn't say it was a packed crowd, but when we went in there weren't any seat. Ever so easily frustrated, I complained to my mom as we picked up our drinks and looked for a place to sit. A patron vacated a huge handicapped table... and figuring I was the next best thing to handicapped, we took a seat. We stayed long enough to polish off a cookie and half of our drinks before making for the door. Then something strange happened, a man around my age approached us to give me a little pep talk and then asked if he could bless me. No trying to convert me. No long spiel about why I have cancer. Nothing. Just a simple blessing. It actually caught me off-guard, and was kind of refreshing. I think right now I could use a few extra prayers and blessings.

2) When I was looking online for support programs for people with cancer (people with good support systems tend to have better outcomes than those without), I stumbled upon this organization -
Cottage owners actually donate their cottages when they aren't using them so individuals recovering from cancer (and their families) can escape for a week. The cottage owners can even get a tax receipt for the value of a weeks rental for donating, so it's a win-win situation. Amazing. I noticed a few other organizations offering similar programs, such as weekend fly fishing retreats for individuals with cancer. While fly fishing isn't exactly my cup of tea, it's a nice idea nonetheless.

3)I think my brother and Christine are coming home for a bit this weekend. I'm excited.

4) I think Adam might be coming to visit at the end of next week to be with me for my next round of chemo. Nothing says "I love you" like holding hands with someone that's getting pumped full of toxic fluids. I couldn't be happier that he will be here.

5) While I am hooked up to the I.V. for my next round of chemo, I have to wear special gloves and booties with ice in the ends. Apparently this helps my nail stay put, otherwise they may or may not fall out. I'll take pictures.
Wait... did I tell you guys that already?

6) I spent the majority of my day compiling receipts, medical records, proof of citizenship and Income tax statements so I can apply to a foundation set up to help aid individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I figure that since a) I have breast cancer, b) I have no job and can not work because I am too ill, and c) I'm poor, I should be a shoe-in for funding. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

7) I have terrible grammar.

Thats all.
Thanks. <3

Oh wait... one more thing. Melanie is taking me to go see NKOTB on March 29. Get Jealous!!! Oh... and Hayley is coming to Canada soon. Super psyched about all of the above.


LadyHayley said...

Oh my she's taking you to the New Kids. If her previous video is anything to go by I'd take earplugs as girl can SCREAM!!! lol

Cannot wait to hug you very soon - 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Loving you xxx

Kimberly said...

I want to go see NKOTB!! I didn't even need look up the acronym or think about it, that's how 90s I am... I used to have the biggest pre-teen bopper crush on Jordan!! (now I’m not quiet sure on his orientation... tee-hee funny how things change..)
I love Megs!!

thexoxo said...

NKOTB - color me jealous!

lucky said...

i love your blog.

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