Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maple syrup and Swedish Berries.
Oh, and French Fries. I don't get it. 
In the past, I've been informed by more than one source that cravings are our bodies way of saying "hey, dude, you seem to be lacking something in your diet... therefore, I will plague you with relentless, constant cravings until you smarten up."
However, I'm drawing a complete blank as to how Maple syrup, swedish berries and french fries could serve any purpose other than to make me ill.
What these foods could possibly be doing to make me better?  Why can't I crave things like broccoli or  brussel sprouts? You know... things that may actually help me in some way?

Oh... and to make life even more enjoyable, the full body skin sensitivity has returned. This kind of feels like the equivalent to having your entire body bruised... and makes being touched kind of an uncomfortable experience. 
I mentioned this to both my homecare nurse and my chemo doctor and recieved similar responses from both. Basically, anything that is out of the ordinary is due to the chemo and/or neupogen. I just kinda have to suck it up and live with it until I'm finished my treatments. 

I forgot that I promised no words in this post. 

Here are some pictures... and links to more pictures for those of you that can't get enough of my pretty (bald) head.

From my first shave- 

From Adams visit in Feb.-

From hospital visit while Adam was here-

From my second head shave -


Anonymous said...

Now ready to kick some Alien butt. And still lookin cool with it.

lucky said...

shit. now i want korean food.

ps~ for some reason that pic with the bottles made my stomach drop.

pps~ you put natalie portman to shame.

euchlid said...

hot! you're looking pretty good. how long is treatment for?

Anonymous said...

you look like a superhero. i suggest really really short hair whenever it comes back because your features look even more stunning.


Randy and Pam Warner said...

Thanks for your honesty and humor. I know you probably get tired of hearing that you are amazing. But you are pretty amazing.

Keep it up.
Pam and Randy

Mae said...

Lucky- I suppose that it would really make your stomach drop if I told you that I had those bottle tests (blood cultures) done 3 times in 2 hours.
and now that you want to throw up...we should get some korean food soon :)

Euchs- I'm almost half way done chemo. My last treatment will be May 5th, assuming all goes well. I may or may not have radiation after... I have to wait and see.
Then I can get some boobs back! xo

LadyHayley said...

Loving all your pics lady! Cannot wait to see you in less than a month! P.S. I don't think I know anyone in life who rocks a bald head like you lady, you look amazing! Damn you!! Lots of love and hugs xxxxx

lucky said...


iamthenarwhal said...

im sorry for getting our snow plow stuck and not listening to you when you said it would.

Lallen said...

Hey I see that Adam had a hair cut too! Nothing brings people together like cold scalps. Hang in there kiddo. You're doing great.

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