Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life goals... rethought and revitalized

I realize that I have quite a few readers who have never met me, and by default then, don't really know that much about me as a person (other than what can be seen in my lovely graphic pictures, haha).

This past September, I sat down and wrote out some life goals to try to get myself back on track after all of the treatments and delays that I had in the past year.
Some of them are pretty lofty, some of them pretty idealistic, some of them silly, but they were mine. I was proud of them and was seriously making efforts to try to get started on accomplishing them.

Obviously things have changed a little now for me, but I wanted to share my old goals with everyone, just so you have a better understanding of who I am as a person, and what I wanted in my life.

So.... here we go- (Thursday, September 10, 2009)
Life Goals...

1) To hold a Ph.D, I'm not too picky on what it is going to be in. The way I am going though, I think it's bound to be nursing.

2) To learn another language. I've got a head start on Korean and French, I just need to get motivated enough to do it.

3) To master at least one of the following musical instruments - cornet, cello, piano, or guitar.

4) To live in at least 5 different countries - So far I've only got Canada and Korea. I'm assuming that I will have United States in the near future (preferably San Fran, DC, Portland and Maine). I'm thinking somewhere in Europe and in South America?

5) To run a half marathon. I've a lot of training to do though, seeing as the 5km I ran today was far from easy.

6) Spend at least 100 hours volunteering. (Note*** So far I'm up to 40h :) )

7) Master the following- sewing, knitting & crocheting (Note*** on my way with knitting/sewing, kinda sorta)

8) Become part owner of a Bed & Breakfast (with Adam)

9) Travel to 30 countries. I'm at 7 now.

10) Read at least 12 books a year until I die (Textbooks NOT included).

11) Complete 'The Weekend to End Breast Cancer' 60km walk in Toronto

12) Own a little cottage by a lake.

The other night, Asia and I went out on the town in Petrolia (to the local coffee shop that closed at 9pm) and had a really good chat about my new goals.

My new set obviously had to be modified pretty significantly. Unfortunately, doing a lot of travelling/moving outside of Canada is out of the question for obvious insurance reasons. Yes, it's a total bummer, cause there are so many places in the world that I would love to see. However, as I am always trying to find that silver lining, that leaves a LOT of times to see my own country.

New Goals-
1) Take the train across Canada
2) Go to an NHL game (don't really care where, I just want to go)
3) Make Peter take me (and friends)to a Blue Jays game... I don't really have any interest in baseball, but I think it would be fun.
4) Go to the Symphony.
5) Get married (hahaha, um... no pressure Adam)
6) Go to Canada's Wonderland with my friends/family
7) Take a road trip back to Maine
8) Go snowshoeing
9) Go ice skating on the Rideau Canal
10) Get my darn tooth fixed
11) Get some darn shiny nice new glasses
12) I've always wanted to go to Ireland with my father... it's been a dream of mine since I was just a little girl. My father has been, and he loved it. I would love to share this with him while I still can. I don't think I'm ready to let go of this dream yet.

So yeah, that is it so far.
I mean, I will probably revise and revamp the list as time goes on and I find out new information, but this is where it stands at the moment.

I'm pretty happy with the list.
Pretty darn happy.

Oh, and if you are wondering how I will pay for all this without a job, I figure I'll just bust out my "sense of the dramatic" and win the lottery. Haha :)

Just as a little side note, I wanted to mention a little something about my personal facebook page. I've always (with the exception of this blog) been a very private person, and generally kept my facebook for people that I talk to on a regular basis. I've recently had many people try to add me as a friend on facebook, but I would like to keep my personal page personal. Please, please don't be offended or hurt if I haven't added you. There are just some parts of my life that I would prefer to keep to myself. Please believe me when I say I'm really not trying to offend anyone, or hurt anyones feelings.
The support that everyone has shown me is completely overwhelming and strangely unbelievable. Every time life gets a little too heavy, I go and read the beautiful comments on "For the love of Meghan" and they lift my spirits :)
I truly appreciate the words of support more than anyone will ever fathom.


Anonymous said...

your goals are amazing. i wonder why you left out almost all of the ones we have to do together?
i like you.

Rose said...

Megan, your goals are achieveable and if you and dad ever get here on your way back/or to ireland, we will meet up! We send lots of love to you, Adam and your parents; you are an amazing person. XX Hayley's Mum (I do have a name! It's Rose)

Lallen said...

Your new list looks pretty doable Meg :o) I have a pair of snowshoes you could borrow! :)

Michelle said...

You are such an inspiration Meghan. I believe all of your goals are quite achievable - now I must go make my own list!

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