Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dang'ol Bambalance

So last night I was watching a movie with Adam when I  felt something kind of strange in my front right side....and by strange I mean a severe, sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen. Within a minute or two, said pain got to the point where it was almost impossible to take anything but shallow breaths and the pain was constant no matter the position. It was at this point that I had Adam call my mother so we could go the E.R. in Petrolia. As much as I HATE taking night trips to the hospital because everything takes so long as they have to bring in the on call staff, I knew this was an exception to my rule. I guess being able to breathe kind of negates all my previous hangups. We left home at about 10pm and I was admitted almost immediately. The usual routine followed, with bloodwork, blood pressure, temp., and lots of other poking and prodding. The on call physician Dr. Daniels was concerned that I might have a blood clot in my lung, or a bleed in my liver. Obviously starting treatment for either could cause some pretty serious repercussions (like... death) so he sent me to Sarnia by ambulance to have a CT of my abdomen and chest. The ambulance drivers were super nice and even took it kinda slow for me as every bump and turn was causing really severe pain, despite the Percocet I had been given at the hospital. When the results finally made it back to Petrolia (after I did), Dr. Daniels was able to rule out both the bleed and clot. Instead, it appeared that my gallbladder was inflamed and I had something that may or may not be pneumonia.  He prescribed some intravenous antibiotics for the possible gallbladder infection (administered once a day until friday) and morphine to make the infection, movement, breathing and life in general more tolerable. 
I was released from the hospital this morning (because I didn't want to be admitted for the next 4 days) and have been hanging out on my bed, pretty much motionless since I got home. The morphine helps, but I only wanted enough to take the edge off, but not get rid of the pain completely, so I don't damage myself more. and last but not least; with yet another round of the antibiotics I will unfortunately have to push back my chemo another week.

The thing on my upper arm is a soft-set(?) to administer the morphine (they use a funny little device to set it just under the skin, kind of like the top of a click pen) and the wolverine claw is the IV for the antibiotics that I get to keep until friday. 

I am a little disappointed with the London Cancer Clinic for not being a little more helpful with the whole situation. They have a doctor on call who is supposed there to advise other doctors in ERs across Ontario. I understand that being on call sucks but helping out a doctor dealing with a very sick patient IS YOUR JOB. Maybe try being a little more helpful. Thanks.


Tim said...

...could also have been an Adam allergy. He's a known irritant. I don't even think he's allowed in Kentucky, Nebraska or Mississippi. Glad to hear that you got something to manage the pain. Relax, keep it real, don't change, etc. <3.

LadyHayley said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this pain right now and push back your chemo. Please do not lose heart, keep smiling (at least on the inside!) and know that you are being loved from all corners of the world :) Rest up and let your body fight this infection, love you squillions xxxxxxx

joanna said...

i heart you meghan baker. i'm too angry to write anything else.


Alice said...

I love you meghan and I hope you can relax and that the pain will go away soon. Thinking of you...

Mysticshadow said...

Hi My thoughts and prayers are with you I have had 38 rounds of Chemo and numerous over a period of 3 cancer scares so know how you feel, Keep up the happy thoughts I know sometimes its hard but my thoughts prayers and all of my best is being sent to you Take it a day at a time my motto was I will not let the chemo run me I will run it Dammit :)
A friend in Nova Scotia is thinking about you

United Hearts for Peru Blog said...

This is Uncle Reid. I think Mysticshadow lady is right. Jesus said take one day at a time, each day has enough trouble of it's own.
(paraphrase). Tell Adam to give you a big (and gentle) hug for Aunt Amy and I. I ask everybody I know to pray for you --- Sunday School classes, Christ@Work business groups, friends. We are all pulling with you. Lot's of love to you

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Hey Meghan,
Thanks for the update! You snuck one in on us.
And you look great in your red hat! But then you probably hear that all the time.

I love the pose showing off those guns... but I hate the episode that seems to present itself in the evenings now and again. Sound like an exhausting ride here and there. You seem to have a knack at making the best of these lousy situations. I love the sense of humor, courage and fight that seems to come through your writings.

Hope you are resting up and taking it easy. Hopefully this gall bladder thing gets taken care of soon...

We hate it that you have to go through all this...but you have heard that from everyone too. And I love your blog comments...didn't know squillions was a number but we concur! And I like Mysticshadows words.

Love, Love, Love, etc
Randy and Pam

melissa meyer said...

please world- stop hurting meghan.

Lallen said...

Stupid gallbladder!!!
Stupid pneumonia!!!
Stupid cancer!!!

Tell your gallbladder to smarten up. It doesn't have the right to act up; it isn't even a vital organ...and not even its mother thinks its special. That'll teach it! ;op

Cindy said...

Good morning to you Meghan. My name is Cindy..I'm a mom of 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren.I was given your info from the Warner's. What sweethearts they are!!
I don't have all the details of what you have..but I do know are in God's hands..whether we know the outcome or not! I too had a bad tooth for 6 one would operate on it because of Potassiumn levels..finally after 10 pottassium pills a day=500 bannanas a day..I was able to get the count up for someone to tackle pulling the tooth..yeah!!! My meds are killing off my teeth..oh well.

I know the set backs are yucky and so depressing...but I know thru God's strength you can hang in there!!!
Congratulations on being engaged. Our # 4 girl is getting married in May. Small weddings are so much better!!I'm also a wedding coordinator and I prefer the small vs the large. We eloped 34 yrs ago..and we have been happily married..not because of the wedding..but because of the love!!
Have a beautiful day.

cyclefiend said...

Hey Meghan,
I am checking your blog, hoping that you are feeling better now. Let us know that you are! I hope you had a restful Easter Day with family and friends.

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