Sunday, May 2, 2010

Live Harder

I think all of us are obviously reeling with the loss of Meghan. There is an emptiness left by her that I know Ill never fill. I don’t think Meghan and I met for her benefit, we met for mine. I learned so much from her in the past 3 years, invaluable lessons that speak volumes about who she is and what she meant to those around her.
Her family was without question the most important part of her life. I've never met a girl more proud of who her father is and what he has done in his life. The close friendship and trust she shares with her mother is something most of us will only be able to wish for. And the utmost level of respect and adoration she has for her brother makes me want to be a better man in order to be included in those ranks. She holds every single member of her family in the highest regards. She is so, so immensely proud to be part of the Bradley/ Baker clan. Just the same, I’ve never been more proud to be a Warner, and so, so proud that Meghan is a Warner, than I am of these past two years while going through this journey with Meghan.
And that’s the first and most important lesson Meghan taught me. Your family and friends are the best things you have, treasure them. When there is trouble you circle the wagons, stay near and do everything you can to fight. And that’s the second. You fight. You fight for the things you want, the things that are important to you and you never, ever give up.
And that’s the third. Live. Some of us aren’t given a lot of time here, so live and make an impact. Do important things and affect people positively.
And the last is ongoing. Learn. Never stop learning. There are lessons taught in everything, everywhere through everyone. Don’t let them fall on deaf ears. Be connected and in the words of one of Meghan’s best friends; “Cherish every fucking moment.”

The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and you have
burned so very, very brightly.

In Meghan’s honour I’m going to finish everything on her list(s). Not just the most recent list, not just the one she wrote back in September, the ongoing list she had with those close to her. The things she wants to do that are wild and far off. Many have asked how to help and this is how you can. If there is something special between you and Meghan or something you know she wants to do tell me. If you want to be part of that trip tell me. I plan on traveling from place to place, meeting up with her friends and family and providing some sort of volunteer service in each place for her. If you have travel connections, airline miles you want to donate, money you don’t know what to do with or simply a couch to sleep on let me know. Read through her lists on her blog and if there is something that speaks to you let me know. Meghan inspired us all in many different ways and want to hear about all of them. So.... here we go- (Thursday, September 10, 2009)
Life Goals...
1) To hold a PhD, I'm not too picky on what it is going to be in. The way I am going though, I think it's bound to be nursing.
2) To learn another language. I've got a head start on Korean and French, I just need to get motivated enough to do it.
3) To master at least one of the following musical instruments - cornet, cello, piano, or guitar.
4) To live in at least 5 different countries - So far I've only got Canada and Korea. I'm assuming that I will have United States in the near future (preferably San Fran, DC, Portland and Maine). I'm thinking somewhere in Europe and in South America?
5) To run a half marathon. I've a lot of training to do though, seeing as the 5km I ran today was far from easy.
6) Spend at least 100 hours volunteering. (Note*** So far I'm up to 40h :))
7) Master the following- sewing, knitting & crocheting (Note*** on my way with knitting/sewing, kinda sorta.)
8) Become part owner of a Bed & Breakfast (with Adam.)
9) Travel to 30 countries. I'm at 7 now.
10) Read at least 12 books a year until I die (Textbooks NOT included).
11) Complete 'The Weekend to End Breast Cancer' 60km walk in Toronto.
12) Own a little cottage by a lake.
New Goals-
1) Take the train across Canada.
2) Go to an NHL game (don't really care where, I just want to go.)
3) Make Peter take me (and friends) to a Blue Jays game... I don't really have any interest in baseball, but I think it would be fun.
4) Go to the Symphony.
5) Get married (hahaha, um... no pressure Adam.)
6) Go to Canada's Wonderland with my friends/family.
7) Take a road trip back to Maine.
8) Go snowshoeing.
9) Go ice-skating on the Rideau Canal.
10) Get my darn tooth fixed.
11) Get some darn shiny nice new glasses.
12) I've always wanted to go to Ireland with my father... it's been a dream of mine since I was just a little girl. My father has been, and he loved it. I would love to share this with him while I still can. I don't think I'm ready to let go of this dream yet.
13) See the northern lights.
14) Travel to India to volunteer in orphanages.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,

We have never met, but I will join you on a roadtrip to Maine anytime. Meghan and I went a few times. Let me know.


Sebrina Fystro said...


I as well have never met you but I do believe that Meghan's interest in running a half marathon was inspired by a very good friend she made while living in Calgary; Amy Klassen. I think the half marathon should be run in Calgary. I will gladly be a part of running that with you. You can contact me at

Amy said...

Hi Adam,

I was speaking with Sebrina today and if you are interested in running a half in Calgary, we will both join you in Meghan's honour. Let me know what you need and I will help you get out here and my spare bedroom is waiting for your arrival...

Please take care,

Amy Klassen

kristenlkolb said...

Hi Adam,
I am a friend of your sister Kelly's from Baylor. I have been following the blog and praying for you all. I don't know that there is much we can do but my husband and I are moving to Switzerland in a couple of months. If anytime in the next couple of years your journey takes you through Europe and you need a place to stay tell Kelly to track me down!
May you find great comfort in your time of loss.
Kristen Kolb

Kimberly said...

Hey Adam,
I have family (that knew Megs very well) in Ottawa when you go to skate on the canal. They would be more than happy to put you up.
Also, I'm having people over this weekend and the next for a BBQ. I gave you my number (also to Brad) last Thursday. Please give me a call if you are in this neck of the woods. Sorry I missed you two in SoCal.

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