Monday, June 25, 2012

New Stuff

I made a bunch of updates to the blog, everything is (hopefully) more organized and accessible. Meghan's birthday, July 15th, is in three weeks and that means another half marathon for me. It'd be fun if some (or all) of you would commit to doing something similarly exercise related on the same day while I'm running. Eh? Let me know what you think of the reorganization and the exercise idea!


Janice said...

Just heard your story for the first time tonight. I intend to start at the beginning of Meghan's blog and work my way to the present. Stay strong, Adam. Life has so much to teach you.

Rachelp said...

Adam, what a picture you have been to LOVE well! As a mother to a child with NF (neurofibromatosis- it causes tumors to grow on nerve endings), you help me be brave to love him well! Thank you for writing.. thank you for having an open heart! As a fellow runner, make sure you have great socks and great shoes...makes a world of difference.
Atlanta, GA

Adam Warner said...

Janice, thanks for reading! life does indeed have much to teach.
Rachel, I'm happy to help and I owe it all the strength to Meghan's example. Also, I'm a big fan of smartwool, ha!

Marla Gomez-Orozco said...


this blog has touched me in so many ways, makes you think about life, goals and dreams.
You have kept Meghan alive in everything you do. Please don't give up and don't doubt yourself (you're a lot more stronger than you think). It is normal to feel lost, just remember that after all these, you will be reunited with Meghan.
Please email me if you need help with your Spanish (if you want), my email is

Please don't give up, I see less and less updates in your blog.

Wendy Mom of 4 said...

Wow! How romantic and noble! I am just learning about your and Mehgan's story. I am certainly thankful your you sharing it. How amazing it is to see how much Megah valued life and how little she and now you took for granted. I went online looking for inspiration and found it. Good idea about being active on her birthday, My kids and I will join you in spirit.

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